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Our world is broken.  Our culture is in a state of 
decay. As a result we have introduced a new 
terminology into our vocabulary...Throw Away People.  
Somehow our advanced society has found it appropriate 
to refer to some of us as nothing more than human 
garbage. If we don't fit in then we are kicked out, 
isolated, ignored, mocked and rejected.  It may be 
because of the way we look, the way we dress, our 
tattoos, piercings, hair or attitudes.  It may be for 
no reason at all.  One way or another we have all 
ended up out here looking for hope, answers and peace 
of mind.

Our basic needs are simple. We want love, acceptance, 
affirmation and forgiveness. The ways we try to meet 
these needs are many.  Some of them will kill us.  We 
often find ourselves doing things just to blend in. 
It's not really for the high, the thrill or the 
excitement...we just don't want to be rejected again.

We are like black roses in a sea of reds, yellows, 
pinks and whites.  We are different from everyone 
else.  We are a society of outcasts. Very few people 
understand our pain, frustration, anger, fear and 
loneliness.  Some of us cannot bear the pain so we 
drown in drugs, sex, alcohol and apathy.  
Unfortunately some of us will even attempt suicide. 
There has to be a way out of this darkness.

Imagine the light of a candle held by a hand with a 
nail scar in it. He whispers your name softly and 
tells you to follow Him. He doesn't want to hurt you,  
steal from you or mislead you.  You follow Him to a 
safe place where He begins to cleanse the wounds in 
your spirit.  He makes you feel whole.  His mere
presence gives you hope and life. This is not a myth 
or a fairy tale.  There really is a way out of your 
personal hell.  Someone loves you and doesn't want 
your flesh in return. He only wants your heart.  His  
name is Jesus Christ.

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Part of my ministry here at C3 consists of me going 
to goth clubs and events a couple of times a week. 
Kevin Petersen and I hang out and get to know some of 
the people at the clubs. By the end of the night (or 
at the beginning of the day-however you view 4am) we 
hand out fliers for C3's monthly Goth Night. So simply 
put, I spend a decent amount of time in goth hang-outs.

One trait that is a staple to all goth venues is the 
lighting- or the lack of lighting. Black tables, black 
walls and floors, combined with a bare amount of 
luminosity makes for an extremely dark, eerie feel. 
One night I sat amid the murky area of Club Neo, and 
as I surveyed the room I began to ponder some things. 
Although these kinds of clubs are known for the lack 
of light, what would a goth club be without ANY light 
whatsoever? The pitch black of the room wouldn't be 
nearly as appealing if not for sparsely placed candles, 
revealing black lights, and dancing strobe lights. The 
true beauty of the dark room is found in the 
contrasting, piercing light, as scarce as these lights 
may seem. The true beauty of these lights, however, 
seems to be found when they contrast the engulfing 
darkness. The rarity of light seems to add to the 
intensity of each light source in the room.

As I thought about this, I was reminded of some of 
humanity's most common questions. Why do bad things 
happen? Why do we hurt? Why is it that the world can 
be such an ugly, difficult place to live in? And why 
in the world does God allow all of this?  Indeed, many 
of us are beaten, bruised, scarred, scabbed...overwhelmed.

In the midst of darkness, 
His light becomes all the more glorious...

In the midst of disdain, 
His love becomes all the more lovely...

In the midst of pain, 
His words are all the more soothing...

In our neediness, 
His provision is all the more precious...

In our weaknesses 
we are reminded of His endless strength.

I'm still not entirely sure of why we have to suffer, but 
sometimes we do, and through it may the glory of our Lord 
be magnified, and may we be drawn to Him.

By: David Verdin

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in the shadows  
and silent
behind the music 
and smoke 
you see them there
leaning against walls  
arms folded  
black mascara 
capes and boots 
that the pain and fear 
long enough 
to enjoy the night

picture of a black raven


like tombstones 
all in a row 
so dead inside 
so lonely  
raven soul  
fly away  
whisper gently 
i will surely die 
1000 times 
without love 
and purpose

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God breathe on me 
i need to feel the warmth  
of love that does not steal  

Jesus speak to me 
i need to hear a voice 
that does not crush 
Father comfort me 
i need to be held
by someone who cares

picture of faces statue


footsteps among the tombstones 
not the spirits evil 
not the dragon 
not the demon army 
He follows us 
into the darkness 
He waits for us to turn 
there is a presence divine 
a gentle lamp to guide us out 
He waits 
He waits for us to turn

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what holds you down 
dark and cold
life draining 
what chain can't He break 
if you ask for help?

stained glass picture


He sees the stream 
down your cheek
the crystal drops 
salty and warm 
He hears the echo  
in your soul 
explosions of pain  
and isolation 
He hears your muffled cries  
for rescue  
He pulls the spider webs away 
He releases the claw 
He destroys the lies 
noble king 
radiant guide 
supreme power 
purest love 
of the shattered

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Lord you have brought light to my life;  my
God, you light up my darkness. Psalm 18:28