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This Is No Game...

RADIO HOPE has been off the air for over 5 years and yet people still request tapes or CDs of the show. We were not professional radio people. The program was nothing more than a band of misfits trying to reach shadow dwellers with hope, mercy and healing. We made mistakes, stumbled and upset a few people along the way and yet despite our flaws lives were changed. The original broadcasts were from Phoenix, Arizona and for a year we were carried on the Salem Broadcasting Network. Our blunt and direct style was too much for Christian radio to handle. As the show grew some people tried to round off our rough edges and make us more acceptable. A national marketing director was hired. Business executives wanted to come aboard. It wasn't meant to be. We were the radio equivalent of a garage punk band that played in run down buildings. Success destroyed the vibe of what we originally set out to do. After 3 years we went off the air.

This site will be making some of the past shows available through MP3 and CDs. If you want more information please write to us at:

Programs currently available are:

City of Pain - Loops

Age of Stolen Innocence - The Degradation of Women