Isn't it amazing how the human race can twist things that were
meant for good into instruments of evil...Religion has been used
to push extreme political viewpoints, racism, destruction of
cultures, hatred, selfishness and ignorance.

Modern churches are often closed off from the real world.
They have become stained-glass bunkers where people hide from those
in pain. Society is crumbling and the religious system is more
concerned with building programs, choir robes, padded pews and
fattening up their bank accounts.

Televangelists beg for money on TV. They stride across the stage
in expensive suits and preen for the cameras. Christianity has
become an industry where cash is more important than integrity.
This was never part of the original plan. Humans have smeared
the reflection of God with their dirty fingers.

Jesus did not come to promote His books, cassettes, television
show or any of the other commercial junk that has been stamped
with a cross and marketed like products at the mall. Jesus was
sent for a simple purpose. He became our sacrifice for sin. He
took our place on the cross. Because of His virgin birth, sinless
life, death and resurrection we can have hope, mercy, forgiveness
and healing.

The fact that most churches are afraid to go into the shadows to
help the wounded is the exact opposite of how Jesus lived His
life. His friends are hookers and thieves, rejects and misfits. He
came for the broken ones. He loves goths, punks, gays, addicts,
hippies, freaks, alcoholics, convicts and rebels. We're all sick of
religion. It's nothing but a dog and pony show. True seekers are
not impressed. All most of us ever wanted was truth and hope.
We can't find it in a system. We can find it in the person of Christ.
Learn the difference between real and fake.


American Jesus
republican Jesus
right wing Jesus
military Jesus
nationalist Jesus
special interest Jesus
power broker Jesus
red white and blue Jesus
conformed in our image
conformed in our image
i don't know that Jesus
and the radio shows proclaim
conservative Jesus
politcal Jesus
created in the image
of those with microphones
and TV shows
and constituants
and voters
and weapons
and agendas
and hard hearts
and closed eyes
and they wonder
why no one wants their Jesus
false Jesus
trophy Jesus
president Jesus
senator Jesus
CEO Jesus
general Jesus
and they lie about Him
and create mythology
and close their eyes
and close their eyes
to the poor
and the naked
and the hungry
and the broken
and the wounded
and the addicted
and the shattered
and people like us
who are not looking
for a God
with a rifle
in His hands
we only want to see
the nail holes
we only want to feel
the breath of compassion
we only want to see
real Jesus
we only want to see Him
as He is.


not a church not religion not beads and statues not crushed velvet pews not a pulpit not a man in a pulpit not a choir not condemnation not piety not holy condescension not televangelist hype only love only Godlove saved me COLOUR BAR SEPARATOR


i woke up in a padded pew that was red or blue or whatever it was only a dream someone was talking / yelling about sin the sins of others not his own he pointed fingers at us and yelled and yelled it was only a dream we tried to yell back but ushers put white gloved hands over our mouths hard words bombed us no one mentioned love or forgiveness we all needed / wanted His love then they made us leave didn't like our looks i guess so we crawled back into the death spiral that had been draining the life out of us when a voice pierced the darkness follow me follow me a nail scarred hand reached into my heart and rescued my soul as i walked into the light i turned back toward the 1st church of intolerance and whispered get real. COLOUR BAR SEPARATOR


900 feet tall broke in need of your VISA card dishonest unconcerned dead COLOUR BAR SEPARATOR


OK let's take a very direct easy to understand message and dress it up with theological terminology dry it up in seminaries and Bible colleges disguise it with churchspeak hide it from people who don't fit in and maybe no one will ever know that God loves us COLOUR BAR SEPARATOR


do you condemn prostitution or tell a hooker about unconditional love do you chain yourself to abortion clinics or teach a scared 13 year old how to love a baby do you mock the AIDS patient or hold a trembling hand do you even care? COLOUR BAR SEPARATOR


blow dried hair choreographed movements human energy human message human show move your products tapes and videos overpriced send a love gift for packaged fluff fleece the flock buy a mansion a rack of designer suits foreign cars act sincere when you ask for money coax a tear lean into the camera bad acting used car salesman who knows his craft squeezing social security checks from trusting widows monthly letters written by jackals for hire it's a game it's a business it's a con job it's not Jesus on television COLOUR BAR SEPARATOR


market strategies demographic studies million dollar buildings exclusivity stained glass fortresses perfect pews all in a row filled with suits and ties building programs land acquisitions flee the inner city build in the suburbs lock out the freaks post ushers like guards bow to the rich ignore the poor fail to penetrate society ignore the screams close your eyes to the war in the streets build thick walls isolate yourselves pile the salt hide the light don't get dirty react too slowly grip dry tradition play church while the spiritual graveyard inches closer to your indifference. COLOUR BAR SEPARATOR


He walks across to the other side where the sidewalk smells where hookers stand where junkies nod where runaways beg where the real world grinds where the hearts explode where marriages fail where bank accounts dry up where harsh words pierce He is not locked up in a seminary in a church on a TV set in a separate world He is not afraid to touch us as we are to pierce our darkness to break our chains to catch our tears and hear our screams He crosses the street to where we live He carries the weight that drags us down and does not run when we rub against Him with our pain and fear sin and shame death and decay He crosses the street He crosses the street