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OBSERVATION When I was in Seattle a few years ago doing outreach to heroin addicts I saw an interesting bumper sticker. We were in the Capitol Hill area. A Jack in the Box restaurant is the dividing line between two diverse communities. The street kids, runaways and junkies hang out mostly west of the fast food joint and the gays set up on the east side. One of my sons, a friend who lived on the street and I happened to be on the east side that day walking toward the Jimi Hendrix statue that is a prominant landmark. The bumper sticker was a reaction to an international ministry's title. It was on a car that had the gay rainbow sticker and simply said...Focus on your own damn family.

CONFESSION Our outreach has always been aimed toward outcasts. I have never had any trouble identifying with addicts, cutters, the suicidal, goths, punks, throwaway people etc but must confess that gay culture never interested me. I didn't understand it. I hated the way the church bashed them but also agreed with the Biblical standards of sexuality. I intentionally chose not to address the issue because it seemed like so much chaos. There was another reason that I avoided it. As a typical construction worker I have had to work through my homophobic attitude. God has softened my heart. The biggest breakthrough was to actually hang out with some gay women who lived in my neighborhood. I asked questions. I began to see them as people, not objects of scorn. I was wrong to dislike a community I did not understand. In many cases their journey into this lifestyle was heartbreaking. It was often the result of abuse, rejection, mistreatment, divorce, rape and other harsh experiences. The women I met had run to a community that would accept them as they are.

HONESTY I am not a theologian. I am not a pastor, teacher, evangelist or paid minister. My vocation is building houses and painting them. My wife and I have been married for 27 years. What qualifies me to address the issue of homosexuality? Probably nothing, but I really do care about wounded people, outcasts, the brokenhearted etc. I choose to include gays in our outreach. Let me qualify that statement...I want to reach out to gays who are searching for something more, for those needing healing from deep and terrible wounds, for those who have an interest in knowing God. If you are entrenched in the gay lifestyle and are content then this won't concern you. I won't be out on the street protesting against you. I disagree with those who do. No one should be dragged kicking and screaming to a church altar. No one should be attacked verbally. That is absurd. Before I knew Christ I resented people who intruded into my life, but I did listen to some of them if they were kind and compassionate. I will make every attempt to be kind and compassionate.

I don't want to hammer anyone with religion. My point is this...Jesus loves all of us but there are boundaries that have been designed by God to protect us. When anyone crosses those lines it affects them on every level. I did not design the boundaries but am implored to respect them. If you disagree with me be civil. I will read and answer your email. If you harshly disagree with me then ignore my site. I'm not about arguments and hatred. I'm not into politics or religion. Christ found me when my life was ruined and I want to let it be known that no one is off limits to His love, forgiveness and healing regardless of the lifestyle they live.

We will post comments, testimonies, questions etc. I am not an expert on this issue. I need your input.

A few people have mentioned Christians who are tempted by homosexuality. This is a legitimate topic which needs to be explored. As previously mentioned I want to make it crystal clear that it is not my desire to harass or to indoctrinate. No one comes to Christ unless the Holy Spirit draws them. I have no power to change anyone. The wall I want to knock down is the feeling that God only loves certain people, good people, unstained people, those who have never fallen into the shadows.

I once met with a man who had a ministry to AIDS patients. I asked him how he dealt with the issue of homosexuality. His comment was, "My opinion doesn't matter. All that matters is what the Bible says". I will take the same stance. We will post scriptures that deal with the topic. That in itself is controversial but I'm not running from it. I have listened to gays explaining their viewpoints and think it's only fair that the Christian view be heard out as well. The goal is dialogue not war. It's OK to disagree.

I thought the bumper sticker in Seattle made a powerful statement. It was witty and honest. The Christian church is racked with sin and in many cases has lost it's credibility to try to change other's lives. I know I'm not perfect and hesitate to make sweeping statements about how anyone else should live but we are all under God's rule and cannot hide from His standards. The issue is truth. Humans do not define it. Moral absolutes exist whether we agree or not. The cross of Christ was for all of us, no exclusions. He died for everyone but did not force any of us to accept His love or forgiveness. The church does not have the right to keep gays from this mercy nor does it have the authority to redefine what is sin.

In our PC world censorship is popular. Sometimes truth is not. Hopefully the visitors to this site are truth seekers even if that makes them uncomfortable. There are some well known sites that hide behind the stained glass wall and treat gays with cruelty. I find that disgusting.

Jesus spent time with those who were cast out by society. He was tender towards them. To the woman caught in adultry He said "Go and sin no more". He didn't call her a whore.

If you struggle with this issue and want to comment we will post your words anonymously. I'm not real sure how many heterosexual Christians are opening their arms to gay culture to initiate communication. It took me much too long to get to this point. If this site is going to be a cyber refuge, a place of mercy then the door must be open to everyone.