I see a pathway
narrow and isolated
it leads away from the familiar
I hear a voice calling. . .

The following excerpt is from the book TRAVELER which Outcast Press printed in 2002. We will update the page periodically with additional sections. The material posted on the website is free. If you would like a copy of the book in its entirety, you can order a copy directly from Outcast Press. For additional information or comments you can e-mail steve m.

And now the story begins....


The sounds of the city are deafening. No matter how hard you press your hands over your ears you can't seem to block out the noise. The pressure is killing you. There has to be more to life than this. In the distance is a narrow pathway. Your eyes are drawn to it. Your heart is pulled in a way that you have never known before. A calming voice beckons you to follow . . .


A small gate must be passed through before you can enter the pathway. The paint is peeling and spots of rust can be seen on the hinges. A magnificent Celtic cross has been designed directly in the center. It is crafted out of iron and is a shade of bluish green that is hard to describe. You run your fingers across it and are mesmerized. The weight of the world seems to slide off your tired shoulders. You take one last glance at where you have come from, then turn and push. The gate swings easily.


You place your foot down with a sense of fear and excitement. This makes no sense. It defies all logic. Why would you depart from the day-to-day routine of your gray life to enter a new world? Whose voice asked you to enter? Can it be trusted? What will friends and family think? Maybe you are dreaming.


On the side of the pathway you see a hand painted mural that stretches for many hundreds of feet. The artwork is amazing. Even though it has been created on a flat surface, it appears three-dimensional. It depicts the history of the world. You move quickly, as you trace time and space through the hands of the Master Craftsman who created this wall of information, then suddenly stop and become transfixed on what appears to be one of the most significant paintings. It is a baby in a rough-hewn cradle in a dirty stable. The word HOPE is etched on the headboard.


The mural tells the story of the God-man. His name is Jesus. His life is more than unique. This is the centerpiece of the artwork. It is the axis on which this earth rotates and the purpose behind our every heartbeat. It is the dividing line between those who follow the pathway and those who deny it even exists.


His story pulls you along. He taught, healed the sick, loved the outcasts and was hated by the religious community. Maybe it was because of His honesty. Maybe it was because He was so different. His love was more real than any ever known on this planet. The next major piece on the mural is the painting of a beaten and bloodied Savior nailed to a crude death post. You touch the artwork and your fingers feel damp. A warm crimson fluid drips from your hand to the earth below. It is the blood of Christ.


The third scene is that of an empty tomb. A large stone has been moved from its entrance. There are panicked Roman soldiers, stunned believers and angry enemies all depicted in full emotion. The artist has painted words across the top of the cave, each one in a different color: Mercy, Healing, Redemption, Forgiveness, Salvation and Future. You can enter the painting and walk into the tomb. It is warm inside, but not like the heat from the sun. The glow begins in your heart and emanates outward.